GoFetch is a delivery platform that connects you or your business to one of over 5,000 registered independent couriers, we call 'fetchers'.

GoFetch is available at any time, across all Australian capital cities for all of your same-day, urgent and future delivery needs!

Whether it is for your home or business, GoFetch is here to help!

The GoFetch platform allows you to connect with independent courier in the greater metropolitan areas of all Australian state & territory capital cities.

GoFetch operates using a peer-to-peer platform and therefore does not require its own bikes, cars or vans.

By connecting people who are already on the move with others that need items delivered, we reduce the overall costs of deliveries. We pass these savings directly to you, allowing GoFetch to provide fast on-demand delivery that is cheaper than most traditional couriers!

We love our Customers just as much as we love our Fetchers. We are always happy to hear back from you guys with any comments you may have. Feel free to shoot an email over to hello@go-fetch.com.au or chat with us on the live web chat on our website!

To book a Fetch, simply login on your browser and you'll be taken straight to the booking for otherwise you can book through the iPhone app, which is available on the App Store!

In short, and generally speaking, you can Fetch almost anything. Our Fetchers travel by bike, car or van, and can deliver most things for you. Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for more information!

*GoFetch does not accept orders for hot food, or large haul deliveries

Yes, we perform police and identity checks on all fetchers before approval onto the Platform and our support team keeps a close eye on active deliveries!

You can use the 'Report Issue' button to highlight any problems in real time.

GoFetch currently offers on demand same-day and urgent deliveries - You can choose your preferred delivery time.

You can also book ahead for a delivery to be completed in the coming days of weeks!

Certainly! Our new Calendar booking feature allows you to book a Fetch days or even weeks in advance! Just enter all the usual details when booking a Fetch, including the future date and time of the desired Fetch.

Of course, just hop onto our website and click on ‘Calculate Fetch’. You will then be prompted to enter the necessary details before being shown the amount your Fetch will cost. Also, the full price will be generated prior to confirmation on the regular booking form.

After booking a Fetch, you will receive the contact details of your selected Fetcher. Our Fetchers are here to ensure your Fetch runs smoothly, so feel free to contact them with any questions about your booked Fetch.

You can also reach out to our friendly customer service team on the LIVE CHAT for any further information.

Want to take the first step in choosing your own work hours, having that freedom and becoming your own boss? Great! You can sign up to become a Fetcher here: https://go-fetch.com.au/fetchers

Note: Due to increased demand, we currently have a waiting list on approvals for Melbourne-based fetchers.

We have Fetchers who Fetch on bike, car, van, public transport and even walk! In fact, many of our Fetchers often complete a job by foot or bike within the CBD areas. Anyone can become a Fetcher, you just need to deliver!

1. Firstly you need to complete a National Police History Check. This can be done by following this link and will cost $39.90 + GST (if you already have a current police check, you can skip this step and send it directly to us):

2. Once your Police Check is cleared, please forward the confirmation to us at:

3. Finally, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the app by watching the following videos:
- How to Use the GoFetch App when on the road

- Animated video: Working as a Fetcher

We're here to help every step of the way. If you need help you can reach us by email or via the support tab in the app.

Obtaining a police check is a compulsory part of becoming a Fetcher. You simply need to fill out the form online via this link:


Please note police checks cost $39.90 + GST (if you already have a current police check, you can skip this step and send it directly to us!

Industry Authority counts as Police Check as long as it's still valid.

Our support team has to successfully review your Police Check and ensure your account has been set up properly. This can take up to 3 business days (it's usually a lot quicker, though). If there's anything missing or any details need to be updated, our team will get back to you within those 3 business days.

Please refer to the Fetcher Fee Structure and Incentive Program located on our Terms and Conditions page for more information (www.go-fetch.com.au/terms-and-conditions).

Some of our dedicated Fetchers have received up to $1200 in one week alone. The more you can Fetch, the more that will stretch.

As a Fetcher, you are free to accept any Fetch selected for you. You can choose the times you log in as a Fetcher, and Fetch with any mode of transport suitable for you. Ready to deliver you life back? Become a Fetcher: https://go-fetch.com.au/fetchers.

Our support team will be happy to assist you with any technical or other need you may have. Contact them via the live chat feature on our website, or email at hello@go-fetch.com.au

GoFetch is not your employer so our own insurance policies do not extend to Fetcher activity. Likewise, your customer will approach you in the first instance in the event of loss or damage to their item. For this reason, we suggest you research your own insurance requirements - especially Public Liability in the event of an accident.

GoFetch is a tech dashboard connecting you with customers but transaction payment is from them to you. GoFetch takes a cut for providing the platform but the financial transaction is between your customer and your own ABN. For this reason you are responsible for your own tax affairs. GoFetch does not collect charge or collect GST. We urge you to get tax advice - especially in relation to GST thresholds and the total amount you are putting through your ABN from all of the apps you use.

Yes you can. As your own boss, you can work for anyone else you like. It's the gig economy! Many of our existing Fetchers are also Uber drivers etc. You are in full control of your own business.

No you don't. We have caps and polos shirts available if you would like to wear one, but it's up to you. As your own boss we can't tell you what to wear, but in terms of dress code and T&Cs you have accepted by working as a Fetcher, you need to be presentable and have a smart casual dress code, especially when entering places of business for pick-ups and deliveries.

It is important you understand all elements of the job before accepting it - including pick-up and drop-off locations and the desired delivery time frames. Reading the customer's instructions in the Additional Notes field is especially important as often these are very specific. GoFetch would prefer you took great care when accepting a job so you don't need to cancel one.
In the event you accept and cancel more than three jobs without a valid reason, you could be suspended from accessing our platform.