We are the game-changing peer-to-peer delivery app. We connect Customers needing items delivered to our community of Fetchers who collect and deliver them. GoFetch is part of the Sharing Economy and is unlike traditional dispatch couriers in every way: we have very few overheads and a 24 hour work model. This makes for a super flexible work /life balance for our Fetchers and very competitive pricing for our Customers!

GoFetch is actually not a courier company at all. Our Fetchers are not employees. We simply introduce Customers needing items delivered with people willing to perform the delivery. We carry out rigorous background checks on our Fetchers, but they can be anyone over 18 with an ABN.
GoFetch allows anyone to get things for you - 24 hours a day.

Yes - GoFetch guarantees your items to the value of $200 per fetch. We perform rigorous background checks on our Fetchers, so you know your items are in safe hands. It is also in the Fetcher's interest to do a good job because you rate them! Money is not transferred to the Fetcher until you confirm receipt of the goods and close the job.
And unlike traditional dispatch couriers - and even some of the other apps - we allow full traceability of your Fetcher: you can follow them via GPS in real time!

You can use the 'Report Issue' button to highlight any problems in real time

GoFetch operates using a peer-to-peer platform and therefore does not require its own bikes, cars or vans. By connecting people who are already on the move with others that need items delivered, we reduce the overall costs of deliveries. We pass these savings directly to you, allowing GoFetch to provide the best value delivery rates possible. We are cheaper than most traditional couriers and our average fetch price was $8.25 in December 2015.

No. Most of our Fetchers are on foot or bike, so they will probably take packages under 8kg. But we recently changed the 'Post A Job' function to allow Customers to nominate the type of package they are sending and its weight. If a Customer enters the 'Over 8kg' option, it is likely that only Fetchers with a car or van will take the jobs. So use the menu to nominate the package size and the rest takes care of itself.

We are currently available in the greater metropolitan areas of Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia and will be coming soon to Sydney.